Long Term Care and Medicaid Planning

Farrar & Williams, PLLC can assist with long-term care planning by helping structure your assets to gain eligibility for benefit programs, such as Medicaid and Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance. The staff at Farrar & Williams, PLLC can help transition a client from private pay at a nursing home or facility to government assistance so as to protect a client’s assets.

At Farrar & Williams, PLLC, the staff can incorporate future eligibility for Medicaid and VA Aid and Attendance benefits into estate planning to help with long-term care or nursing home expenses. There are numerous ways to protect your assets from long-term care expenses.
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Finding proper placement for a loved one in a nursing facility is not an easy task. Typically, the search for such a facility can happen in a crisis or under time constraints; however, with careful planning, you can effectively plan for such expenses.

Long-term care might not be something you plan on needing for yourself or a loved one; however, planning for the possibility of long-term care gives you time to learn about services in your area and to plan effectively. As a part of your long-term care plan, Farrar & Williams, PLLC can address housing and financial decisions that will ensure you or your loved one is properly taken care of and provided for long-term.

Let the staff at Farrar & Williams, PLLC help navigate you through the public benefit qualifications and requirements of the law to ensure your estate is protected and managed well.